Social and Financial Education provides a foundation of resources that children can use throughout their lives. It reduces children’s vulnerabilities and protect against risks while at the same expand opportunities and provide strong foundation for longer term independence, control and economic security. For vulnerable children, social and financial education is essential and positions them for a safe and productive future Enacting students with skills and knowledge of financial savings, planning, budgeting and responsible spending helps the children to grow up with social and financial skills that enables them to adopt to any conditions in the community after school, thus grooming potential and capable children in all fields who later influence their parents to take up the saving culture in their families.

We are providing;

  • Basic education both formal and non-formal literacy and numeracy at a minimum i.e. improved quality, safety and children friendliness
  • Social support through mentorship, friends, safe spaces, group formation and regular opportunity to meet peers
  • Legal rights awareness associated with work, earning and property rights
  • Offering life skills training in health education and leadership, financial education to build skills, knowledge, attitudes, behaviors to enable young people to manage money well
  • Provide opportunities to practice savings through informal savings clubs/groups, use of branchless banking through smart money to deposit their savings
  • Providing business and skill training associated with entrepreneurship, mentorship, savings and proper budgeting help to prepare children right from childhood and adolescent stage to cope with emergencies, crisis, risk management as well as promote saving culture among their present and future families.