About Reach The Poor

co-founder of Reach The Poor

She is a co-founder of Reach The Poor (REP), Kabugho has over 8 years of experience in mentoring and empowering children and young women in life skills for empowerment and self reliance. Kabugho’s love and passion for the children and families sees her to advocate for quality childhood education. She is skilled in leading and organizing trainings and educational campaigns, community mobilization, human relations, facilitation and she hopes to work with the local people in transforming communities. Joviah is also an accomplished entrepreneur and holds a Bachelor Degree in Development Economics from Makerere University

Job Title

He has had love for the children and education since he took up the role of teaching in church at South Rwenzori Diocese Kasese as church lay leader. In 2009 Rev. Yesufu went for high learning education and graduated in 2013 from Uganda Christian University (UCU). He was anointed as Rt. Reverend and is currently serving in Mahango archidionary preaching and demonstrating Jesus’ love. Rev. Yesufu is married to Mrs. Mbambu Yesufu and he is a father of 5 children. He has served as a program Associate for the past 2 years for the projects South Rwenzori Diocese has implemented in the community. His experience and knowledge about community work brings a lot of expertise on the board. Rev. Yesufu also uses his position to sensitize the community about the organization programs which helps us to achieve our mission

personal growth

She is leading personality in the personal growth and contemporary spirituality movement. For the past 10 years, she has been living, teaching and promoting consciousness through all schools in the region. She is a dedicated teacher and headmistress of St. Thereza Secondary School –Kasese district with experience for over 8 years in school administration and management. She is passionate about getting others excited about quality education and has trained and worked with other teachers too. She joined us to help promote and advocate for quality education that all children deserve regardless of their background and where they are born. She is the brain behind structuring education policies that we implement


He is a chief Accountant at the Kasese district local government and he has experience of over 15 years in public accounting and auditing. Outside of work, he volunteered with newly resettled IDP after the area was hit by disastrous Nyamwabwa floods, who then included women and girls to promote capacity building and self sufficiency through mentorship and resettlement support. His desire to see communities change inspired him to join us and support the young generation. He helps our organization to organize and appoint competent public auditors who give us our financial and assert standing annually. Wilson holds master degree in public accounting from Makerere University and he at his happiest in great outdoors and endlessly fascinated by human ingenuity in unlikely places