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Obstetric Fistula Prevention and Treatment

Obstetric Fistula is a devastating health condition that deprives women and young mothers of their dignity and rights. REP therefore plans to work with grass root communities within Rwenzori region and health centers to implement initiatives aimed at preventing and mitigating the impact of obstetric fistula in order to bring about community awareness on obstetric fistula causes, prevention measures and treatment. Collaborating with local health centers to ensure access to treatment, fistula repair and offer social re-integration of obstetric fistula survivors through psychosocial therapy support and economic empowerment. APPROACH:

  • Community mobilization and sensitization about the obstetric fistula and encourage women to go for frequent testing when pregnant
  • Identify women suffering in silence and in pain due to fistula injuries and incorporate them into the program for fistula repair and offer referral program to the hospitals
  • Carryout field fellow ups on the progress of the women who have received fistula repair services and asses their level of recovery, offering mentoring counseling/therapy support to them
  • Offer economic empowerment support to the fistula survivors

Cancer awareness and Treatment Initiative

The initiative is aimed to address the urgent need to promote awareness of cancer and importance of early detection as prevention measure. Though cervical cancer is the most common cancer affecting women in Uganda, breast cancer is also on raise yet the grass root community understanding of the disease is limited. At REP, we have designed research programs to explore community perceptions, beliefs and knowledge about the causes, symptoms, treatment offer to referral health centers and prognosis of cervical cancer in order to inform targeted interventions to promote early help-seeking. APPROACH:

  • Creating community awareness through youth students in schools about the importance of detecting the disease and encourage early treatment
  • Teaching girl youth students about breast cancer self -examination techniques so that they can pass the techniques to other women of their communities
  • Address the stigma of cancer at the local community level through knowledge transmitted to the youth
  • Collaborate with health centers to offer referral early treatment to the victims
  • Please join and support us to implement this project to benefit thousands of young people and women from deprived and disadvantaged communities. Your support can save thousand lives.