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Reach The Poor (REP) is providing better quality education to vulnerable children who have lost both of their parents due to HIV/AIDS. We are currently supporting over 200 orphans and street children through Horizon Primary School. We are working to help more of vulnerable children to thrive, survive, gain practical skills, create future prospects; and become changing agents for sustainable transformation in their own societies. 

We believe that all children despite their background should have access to better quality education and life skills as one of their fundamental rights they are entitled to, and be able to compete and succeed in life

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

The school project

School project

Horizon Primary School is the first community

school to incorporate and enroll street and orphaned children from streets and vulnerable poor families within and surrounding communities. The school provides a holistic approach to education placing a strong emphasis on the community as well as academic performance.

The Kindergarten and the primary school works on the basis of the national regulations of private schools and follows the National Curriculum Development Center guidance and Ministry of Education and Sports teaching standards. We focus on promoting the personality of children.
Teachers pick up on existing strength of the learners and encourage them.  Our Teachers also endeavor to recognize individual weakness and offer support in order to find their own way of learning. The students grow into self-confident and responsible people.

Your support will make it possible for hundreds of vulnerable orphaned children to access better quality education, begin a journey towards realizing their full potential while achieving their life aspirations and working towards their dreams.


construction of primary school

We are looking for investors, donors, supportive grants and sponsors to assist in raising funds needed for construction works of

Horizon Primary School.

To ensure that vulnerable children from disadvantaged and deprived communities get access to better quality education, favorable and safe learning environment has to be created.

Horizon Nursery School section:

There is urgent need to build/upgrade the existing structures for kindergarten by constructing a 5-classroom block, equipped with playing learning toys and equipment, colorful painted to attract the attention of the young children of age 3-6 years. This will help in promoting Early Childhood Education in the area and will benefit over 200 children every year.  Building the new classrooms for Horizon Nursery (Kindergarten) will enable the children feel comfortable through appropriate play and employment opportunities, learning and playing are in the foreground. The kindergarten will create an atmosphere of acceptance and security that stimulates and motivates learning.

Horizon Primary School: To ensure continued education for our children, Reach The Poor supports education of children through primary level and beyond. We urgently need to build at least 7-classrooms block for both lower and upper primary level, school library, dining hall for all children to eat their meals from, kitchen to cook one hot meal and porridge every school day.

Currently, our children are studying under unbearable conditions in poor temporary (wooden made classroom) structures, and overcrowded classrooms with no floor yet the school population is high. Classrooms are very dusty during hot and dry seasons and the roof leaks and windy weather or rainfall interrupts normal class lessons during rainy seasons. That is why it’s vital to ensure upgrading or building permanent classroom blocks is important. This will allow over 200 orphaned and vulnerable children who pass through both Horizon Nursery and Primary School access quality education every year.

There is an urgent need to constrcut a classroom block.


hygiene & sanitation

Reach The Poor (REP) is also seeking funding support to improve hygiene and sanitation at Horizon Primary School by constructing Five stance Ventilated Improved Pit Latrine ( 5-stance VIP latrine/toilets) for Horizon school community which accessed by both the boys and girls while at the school. We also need to install clean water wash points – Girls need clean water to wash themselves and their menstrual clothes and a place to dispose them off. 

If adolescent girls in upper classes don’t get access to these facilities at school, they often stay at home during their monthly periods (menstruation).  In fact, lack of safe private toilets/latrines can cause girls to miss up to 20% of the school year.  As we have noticed that irregular attendance leads to lower grades and poor class performance which eventually leads to dropping out of school altogether.

In cases where girls don’t have access to toilets or latrines at all, they are forced to go outside. To retain some sense of privacy and dignity, many girls will choose to hold it as they limit their consumption of food and drink to delay the needs to relieve themselves. Not only can these actions increase the chances of urinary track infections, but also means that girls aren’t eating and drinking as they should which can result into dehydration and malnourishment.

We therefore request for your support in fundraising for funds to implement this project that is meant to bring lasting positive impact within the school communities, raising awareness about the importance of hygiene and hand-washing through health and WASH clubs.


Sponsorship support

Sponsoring a child is a special direct way to see difference being made in children’s lives. Over other 100 vulnerable orphaned children are need of sponsors and God parents to enable them attend primary and further secondary school education. COVID-19 has left so many children in undesirable situation with others losing parents, unemployment and abuse of children during the prolonged lockdowns.

Most of the children were unable to go back to school and Horizon Primary school gives a chance for such children to study despite their life realities. We assure you that your sponsorship contribution will help a child in need of your choice and you will be forwarded with all legal identity details.

Periodic progress reports and update letters concerning the child will be sent to you by respective children. Sponsorship contribution will go towards child’s school tuition/fees, scholastic material support and ensure that the child gets three meals per day.

Sponsorship contribution is:

  • £ 50 a year sponsors a child to attend school
  • £100 a year sponsors a child with breakfast and lunch at school
  • £ 45 ayear sponsors a child with school uniform and shoes

At Reach The Poor (REP), we ensure that all initiatives are aimed at achieving long lasting impact and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at grass-root levels for community transformation.

Offering better quality education is what is needed by Ugandan child to realize their potential to achieve their dreams as they become changing agents to break poverty cycle in their families.


Teacher training project

We are requesting you to support us offer periodic training to the teachers from various schools within the region. The initiative is aimed at;

·        Improve collaborative learning, critical thinking and innovation to improve teacher –student relationship

·        Creating a favorable environment to enable the teachers be creative by innovating practical models that will help the students
understand and must what is being taught to improve their class performance.

The initiative is aimed to equip teachers with various skills and knowledge in improving the student class performance and help address gender inequality issues in schools, promote childhood development of all children in schools to be able to compete equally.

Your support will to meet the following needs;

o  Purchase training materials

o  Hiring training venues

o  Facilitation fees


volunteering program

We welcome volunteers from all parts of the world to come and work with us in different projects to benefit the rural communities in areas of our operation. Please if you are interested in our work contact us and discuss your booking arrangements.

Reach The Poor (REP) is in partnership with Star Guest House to provide free accommodation to our volunteers who stay with us for less than a month. If you want to stay for over a month, you will be required to pay £ 7 per day for accommodation only where £ 2 go into the organization fund to support school development projects and remaining balance is used to maintain Star Guest house.

Volunteers also may choose to support projects of their choice by deciding to fundraise for that chosen project and the funds will be used on that specific project during your stay in the community. Please support our work by volunteering with us.


Vocational training

Reach The Poor (REP) is scaling up a high lasting impact initiative of tackling impoverished poverty among the youth (young people) who drop out of school early. With the formation of vocational training center that helps the unemployed youth, adolescent girls, young mothers and Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) get basic life skills in carpentry, hair dressing and tailoring to open up their mind-set concerning new ways of self-reliance.

We teach the community how to overcome poverty through survival skills for those children by helping them understand the real grass root problems of poverty and how to eradicate it through using hand and electrical tools. This is helping the community to exploit their full potential of becoming independent valued members of the society to assume sustainable improved quality lives.

Your support towards this project will help thousands of unemployed youth, young mothers, school dropout children, widows and OVCs to get life skills for self-employment as well as creating jobs for the rest of the youth.


  • Carryout mass mobilization and sensitization in the communities, and later on enroll the beneficiaries for training lessons which mainly focus on practical hand-on training
  • Secure training tools and funds to sustain the program to benefit more interested groups
  • We offer certificates to the graduated trainees who have passed through our hands
  • We train students in business plan designing that assists them secure small loans to start their own sustainable enterprises that provide self-employment and earn income from the contracts given to them through our network with local and regional schools and wedding party organizers. So we try our best to connect our former students at our vocational training center to the market opportunities available locally to get their businesses get going and grow faster.
  • We continue to carryout field follow ups of our former students and assess them how they are doing, draw new strategies to help them meet their new targets and offer mentorship support to favorably compete with the rest of the community.
This is helping to create a chain of job creators and bread winners for poor families, and it’s means of fighting poverty in our societies. More funds and in kind donations in form small loans and donations from business angels, investors, and volunteer support and trust foundations is much needed.

Your support will see hundreds of young people get life skills and employed for self-reliance.