Who We Are?

Our Mission

To empower underprivileged children for self-reliant development and living.

Our Vision

To create a safe environment where all children live a full life in God fearing manner.


To ensure that every child has the chance to live a happy and productive life

organizational background

The 1990 to 2000 war was led by Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebels which severely affected Kisanga village where homes, families, animals and property were looted up by the rebels and its attack has shrouded in mystery ever since according to the UN, most of its members were Islamists who wanted to establish Sharia law in Uganda.

In February 1998, 30 children students were abducted by ADF rebels from Mitandi College in Kasese and in May of the same year, civilian poor women were hacked to death. The most painful incidence happened on 8th June when rebels killed 80 students from the area by setting locked dormitories on fire.

Many children were abducted as child soldiers and sex slaves to the rebels forced to beat and kill innocent people that led to loss of lives and resulting into spread of HIV/AIDS which has up to date increased the homeless orphan crisis in the region.

With the survivors suffering from psychological trauma as result of their war experience, and the community has continued to face poor sanitation and health facilities, hunger and poverty. Kisanga village community has ever since suffered the consequences of poor education due to schools being destroyed by the war and impoverished poverty as most families relay on less than 1 USD and one meal a day.

In 2007, a group of community leaders of Kisanga village approached Mrs. Mbambu Jackline a student who had just graduated Bachelors in Community Development from a national institution Makerere University to find lasting solutions to tackle the orphanage crisis, health crisis, inequality gap and food shortage in the rural community.  Mrs. Mbambu Jackline shared the idea with her colleagues she had graduated with and agreed to join hands to form an organization they named Reach The Poor (REP) through which they would design and implement initiatives aimed at uplifting needs of orphans and vulnerable using sustainable local solutions. Mrs. Mbambu Jackline died in road accident in 2013 and the organization continues to work towards achieving its mission and objectives


Extraordinary Experiences

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Our Core Values

The following are our values.

our board of directors

He is a co-founder of Reach The Poor (REP), Bwambale has over 8 years of experience in mentoring and empowering children and young women in life skills for empowerment and self-reliance. Bwambale’s love and passion for the children and families sees his to advocate for quality childhood education. He is skilled in leading and organizing trainings and educational campaigns, community mobilization, human relations, facilitation and he hopes to work with the local people in transforming communities. Bwambale is also an accomplished entrepreneur and holds a Bachelor Degree in Development Economics from Makerere University

He is a chief Accountant at the Kasese district local government and he has experience of over 15 years in public accounting and auditing. Outside of work, he volunteered with newly resettled IDP after the area was hit by disastrous Nyamwamba floods, who then included women and girls to promote capacity building and self-sufficiency through mentorship and resettlement support. His desire to see communities change inspired him to join us and support the young generation. He helps our organization to organize and appoint competent public auditors who give us our financial and assert standing annually. Wilson holds master degree in public accounting from Makerere University and he at his happiest in great outdoors and endlessly fascinated by human ingenuity in unlikely places

He has had love for the children and education since he took up the role of teaching in church at South Rwenzori Diocese Kasese as church lay leader. In 2009 Rev. Yusuf went for high learning education and graduated in 2013 from Uganda Christian University (UCU). He was anointed as Rt. Reverend and is currently serving in South Rwenzori archdiocese preaching and demonstrating Jesus’ love.  Rev. Yusuf is married to Mrs. Ithugu Yusuf and he is a father of 5 children. He has served as a program Associate for the past 2 years for the projects South Rwenzori Diocese has implemented in the community. His experience and knowledge about community work brings a lot of expertise on the board. Rev. Yusuf also uses his position to sensitize the community about the organization programs which helps us to achieve our mission

She is leading personality in the personal growth and contemporary spirituality movement. For the past 10 years, she has been living, teaching and promoting consciousness through all schools in the region. She is a dedicated teacher and headmistress of St. Thereza Secondary School –Kasese district with experience for over 8 years in school administration and management. She is passionate about getting others excited about quality education and has trained and worked with other teachers too. She joined us to help promote and advocate for quality education that all children deserve regardless of their background and where they are born. She is the brain behind structuring education policies that we implement.

Our Partners

The following are our partners on different projects.